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Product Information

Product Range
NovaLab laboratory fittings are designed for extracting liquid and gaseous flow materials as they are needed in laboratories in industry, research and teaching.

The design and and manufacture of these fittings comply with all the regulations, guidelines and standards applicable for applications in the laboratory area.

The production of these devices is based on a modular system to provide individual outlets or combination fittings adapted to the respective familiar laboratory facilities.

The actuator handles of  NovaLab laboratory taps are designed in such a way that their entire surfaces are colour coded according to DIN EN 13792 to indicate the respective flow materials to which they are connected.

At NovaLab a distinction is made between valves and taps.  The four-winged actuator handle stands for valves used for extracting water and industrial gases.

Disc valves for natural gas and LPG are equipped with two-winged actuator handle. Valves and taps have different handle receptacles to exclude any confusion.

For safety reasons, when replacing the actuator handles on laboratory taps, the respective flow material serviced by the fitting must be observed. For safety reasons, the upper parts and couplings for natural gas and LPG are not provided as spare parts.

Another focus of the NovaLab product program is a comprehensive range of safety-shower fittings. Regulations make it compulsory that these first-aid facilities are installed in laboratories and production plants in which hazardous substances are handled. Safety shower facilities include body showers and eye-wash fountains, which are listed in a separate catalogue.

NovaLab laboratory fittings are subjected to a function inspection and leak test at the factory.
They are suitable for the following working pressures:

for water,
including deionized water 10 bar
for industrial gases 6 bar
for compressed air 10 bar
for natural gas and LPG 200 mbar

The fitting bodies are made of pore-free brass. Lead-free and cadmium-free materials are used for all soldering and adhesive bonding.

Before applying a coating thickness of 60-150 microns to the bodies of fittings, their surfaces are blasted in an electro-powder spraying (EPS) process. This special plastic coating is based on an epoxy resin and guarantees high resistance to chemicals such as acids, alkalis and solvents. It has excellent adhesion with optimal resistance to shock and impact.

The standard colour for laboratory fitting bodies is light grey (RAL 7035); laboratory fitting bodies are also available in silver-grey (RAL 7001) at no extra cost. Special colours are available on request at extra cost.

Laboratory valvesNovaLab laboratory valves are in compliance with DIN 12918-1 and are supplied with an upper part G1/2 with non-rising stem. Volume control is accomplished by several revolutions of the four-winged actuator handle. Sealing is provided by means of an elastic cone seal disc. The upper parts are also available with ceramic seal discs.

According to DIN 12898, valves for water have detachable tube screw connections. For aggressive flow materials, such as fully deionized water, all water-carrying parts are nickel plated. Plastic designs made of PVDF and stainless steel versions complete the product range.

Note on installation: Chemically nickel-plated copper connection pipes must not be bent or soldered!

NovaLab laboratory valves for industrial gases and compressed air are provided with a needle dosing control for constant delivery of low flow rates. Valves for vacuum are roughly controllable.

With gas valves, the tube tails are fixedly connected to the valve body in accordance with DIN 12898. Fixed tube tails are available with different inclinations.

Lab disc taps

NovaLab lab disc valves are suitable for natural gas and LPG. The fittings comply with DIN 12918-2 and the rules for gas fittings in utiliities. They have been recognized and approved by the German Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V. (DVGW - Water and Gas Association).

NovaLab valves for natural gas and liquid petroleum gas are actuated by turning the two-winged actuator handles by 90°. At the same time, the handle position marks the operating status of the valve. When the handle is parallel to the tube tail, the valve is open; when it is in the transverse position, it is closed.

In addition to the embodiment with fixed tube tail, NovaLab disc taps are also available with locking coupling and plug-in sleeve, which makes it particularly easy to connect and disconnect the tube from the tap. DVGW test certificates for the disc taps and the combined disc tap with coupling are on hand. Couplings (without combination with disc taps) for natural gas and LPG have no DVGW approval.

For optimum sealing, the ceramic disc taps are fitted with ceramic washers.

A safety lock prevents the fitting from being accidentally opened. The fitting can only be actuated after the two-winged actuator handle has been pressed in.

Column stands
NovaLab lab column stands are available in different heights. Column stands for water, for example standard version 200 and 300 mm, have a pedestal diameter of 55 mm. Column stands for gases with a height of 90 mm have a pedestal diameter of 50 mm. The pedestals can be fitted with anti-rotation devices (roll pins).


Notes on applicability

All descriptions and specifications provided on this website have been carefully checked and are technically correct at time of publishing.

However, no liability can be derived from this information.

In the interest of technical progress we reserve all rights to make technical changes.

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