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Reliable help in an emergency

In a "worst case scenario" reliable, prompt, regulation-compliant water delivery by means of an emergency safety shower is essential. These basic requirements are of course based on the development of NovaLab emergency safety showers. Our company duly considers the known microbiological requirements for products in contact with (drinking) water.

Key product features:
Reliability and ruggedness

• Safety-shower heads made of solid brass and provided with an additional anti-corrosion coating. Operationally reliable even in the event of fire.

• Years of proven valve technology.

• Water-carrying components and actuator construction made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel or brass. The surface has been electrostatically powder coated for a high-quality finish.

• All-NovaLab emergency safety showers can be sealed to reduce the risk of abuse.

Standards and regulations: Core requirements
NovaLab emergency safety showers meet the requirements
specified by the following standards and regulations.

• DIN EN 15154 Part 1 and 2: Emergency safety showers - body showers and eye-wash fountains
The requirements specified by the standard include the flow rate, the distribution of water and the shut-off behaviour.

• TRGS 526: Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances
The Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health shall apply to laboratories. The flow rate required for body showers is specified as 30 l/min.

• BGI/GUV-I 850-0: Safe Working in Laboratories - Fundamentals and Practical Aids
The provisions of the German Statutory Accident Insurance under the auspices of the Professional Association of the Chemical Industry are considered as nationally applicable rules and regulations in accordance with DIN EN 15154. According to these rules and regulations, a volume flow of 30 l/min is sufficient for body showers and water can be supplied via a backflow preventer or free discharge.

Microbiology and potable water
To meet the growing demands with respect to microbiological behaviour in potable-water installations, NovaLab emergency safety showers have undergone (further) development taking into account the relevant standards and regulations (DIN, DVGW, VDE, etc.). Specifically, this means:

• No stagnation volume on the downstream side by means of complete automatic drainage from the shower arm and the specially designed geometry of the emergency shower head.

• Minimal use of plastic parts in contact with the (potable) water.

• Small pipe diameter for connecting line is possible.
Because NovaLab body showers reach the minimum flow rate of 30 l/min when the pressure is just approx. 1 bar, the connecting lines can be made correspondingly small. NovaLab body showers thus contribute to a reduction in the (stagnation) volume of the connecting lines. For applications requiring greater volume flows, body showers delivering approx. 60 l/min of water at 1.5 bar pressure are available.

• All NovaLab body showers can be equipped in such a way that they are "loopable", i.e. they can operate without a separate branch line (on request).

Additional information for planning and operation
• A body shower should be accessible from anywhere within the laboratory within a maximum time of 5 seconds.

• Due to the risk of microbial contamination, it is not appropriate to temper the water to temperatures above room temperature.

• Distance from switches and sockets: DIN EN 15154 Part A requires that a splash area of at least the size of the water cone must be assumed.

• Body showers and eye-wash fountains must be checked at least once per month for functionality.

Notes on applicability

All descriptions and specifications provided on this website have been carefully checked and are technically correct at time of publishing.

However, no liability can be derived from this information.

In the interest of technical progress we reserve all rights to make technical changes.

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